Miami airport foresees record number of passengers during Thanksgiving festivities

The Miami International Airport (MIA) expects to receive 1.8 million passengersa figure that constitutes a record, between November 18 and 29, on the occasion of the Thanksgiving Daywhich is celebrated this Thursday.

It is estimated that approximately 160,000 travelers mobilized daily on average through the MIA on the eve of thanksgiving and that they continue to do so in the same number in subsequent days.

Airport authorities indicated in a statement that this figure represents an increase of 4% compared to the same period in 2021, which already set a record with an average of 150,000 passengers per day during the 12-day Thanksgiving season last year.

The days with the most trips are expected to correspond to the Saturday before Thanksgiving -that is, last November 19- and the weekend after (November 26-27) the holiday, one of the most important on the American calendar. .

Due to the unprecedented projections, MIA expects its parking garages to be filled to capacity beginning this Thursday.indicates a statement released by the airport.

Therefore, the authorities advise that travelers consider using the new parking lot Economy Park and Ridebeing transported by friends or family or using a shared ride service, a taxi or the Orange Line of Miami-Dade Transit.

At the Miami Airport, a new parking lot was set up at 1350 NW and 45th avenue with transportation included to and from the terminal.

Instead of 25 dollars, which is what you pay at the MIA, in this new parking lot you only have to pay 12 to leave a car for the whole day.

In anticipation of the agglomeration of passengers, the authorities urge travelers to be at the airport at least three hours before a domestic flight and three and a half hours before an international flight.

Compared to last year, airfare rose more than 40 percent. However, after the slowdown caused by the pandemic, residents of the United States do not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate one of their most important dates in style.

Nationally, the Automobile Association of America forecasts that 49 million people will travel by car for Thanksgiving, 5.5 million will travel by plane and 1.4 million by bus, train or boat.

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