Miami airport employees arrested for stealing $21,000 worth of Apple products

Two employees of Miami airport were arrested by the miami dade policeafter the theft of Apple equipment, valued at more than 21 thousand dollars.

Alberto Duardo Vera, 50, and William González Torres, 55, are accused of stealing five MacBook Pro laptops, 30 Apple AirPods and Airpods Pro, in addition to 20 Apple iPhones and a charging cable, with a value of 21,728.35 dollars, reported this Thursday the portal Local10.

Both employees worked for the company Cargo Handling Airport Services, which is a subcontractor of the Chilean company LATAM Airlines.

The police officers of Miami-Dade They arrested the suspects, after analyzing videos from surveillance cameras in the cargo facilities where they worked, after receiving the report of a robbery that occurred on May 1 last in that company.

From the images, the detectives verified how the two workers removed two boxes from a shipment, which they then hid in a garbage can, which they masked with a net.

To remove the stolen boxes, the two employees wrapped them in large jackets and walked out a side door with them under their arms.

The stolen equipment was owned by DB Schenker, a logistics company, which had destined it for its offices in Santiago de Chile.

Those involved in these events must now face charges of grand theft and organized plan to defraud.

According to the portal Cuba in MiamiDuardo Vera is a Cuban resident in the United States, although his note does not specify where González Torres is from.

In April of this year, a Cuban was also implicated in the theft of 500 Iphone phones, valued at half a million dollars at Miami Airport.

John Vega, 33, was arrested as implicated in the theft of this equipment when he worked for the national airport services company.

Vega was the one who provided him with the information so that one of his accomplices, the Cubans William Rodríguez and Osmey Pérez, would steal the mobile phones. He told him where they kept, in addition to the shift changes and everything he needed to know to carry out the theft.

He also kept 40 cell phones, valued at $40,000.

Four months before Vega’s arrest, in December 2021, Rodríguez and Pérez were already being prosecuted for this factaccused of cargo theft and theft of state property

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