Mía Aguirre: the sanitary flight that will bring her to Córdoba was postponed

Mia Aguirre, the girl who is hospitalized in Peru for leukemia, was to be transferred to Córdoba on a medical plane this Friday. However, for administrative and bureaucratic reasons, the flight has been postponed.

According to relatives who were in contact with Cba24n, The medical plane will leave Córdoba this Saturday at seven in the morning bound for the Peruvian city of Jauja.

The girl was in Peru visiting relatives. There, her condition worsened. For administrative reasons, the girl’s return has been postponed another 24 hours.

The Ministry of Health of Córdoba reported that when the eleven-year-old girl arrives in the provincial capital, she will be admitted to the Holy Trinity Children’s Hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Final details for the transfer of Mía to Córdoba from Peru

In the official statement, the Province reported that it will take charge despite the fact that this type of transfer is the responsibility of the federal administration. For this reason, there is no record of this type.

“The Córdoba Government assumes responsibility for the air transfer of the minor, together with a pediatric medical professional arranged by the health portfolio and Mía’s mother,” they had reported on Thursday from the provincial government.

Mía had traveled to Peru to attend her grandfather’s funeral and when she was there she suffered a decompensation for which she was hospitalized and the studies carried out led to a diagnosis of acute lymphatic leukemia.

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