Mexican university expels French youth for racism and xenophobia (PHOTOS)

when you take the University and you have the opportunity to go on an exchange to another country to continue your academic development, normally people tend to see it with emotion and feel lucky for it. This is not the case with a couple of French students who were expelled from a Mexican University to which they had come from their country of origin accused of racism and xenophobia.

Through their social networks, in an attempt to appear funny, two French students from the De La Salle Bajio University with campus in Lion, Guanajuatothey mocked Mexicoa country that has opened the door for them not only to study but to live.

In one of the photos they shared, one of the French can be seen sitting on a toilet simulating that he does the bathroom. The problem is that he does it wrapped in the flag of Mexico and it is also appreciated that there is no toilet paper, sending an indirect message of what he will do with the national symbol.

On the other hand, the other young man shared a photo on social networks accompanied by the message “First month with the indigenous people. Translation for non-bilinguals: premier mois chez les indigènes”. These words did not sit well at all, and neither did the photograph with the Mexican flag.

The case went viral due to the claims of other students who defend that Mexico has opened its doors and what this pair of students did was mock and despise the country and its people.



They confirm the expulsion of both students

Through a statement issued on their social networks, the De La Salle Bajio University confirmed the expulsion of both students of French origin for the ridicule they exercised on social networks, incurring racism and xenophobia.

“What Lasallian Universitycoexistence in harmony and respect for others is a priority and in our community there can be no place for expressions that imply any degree of discrimination, racism and intolerance”, reads the statement.

Both students must return to their country and to the school from which they came on exchange, where they will face the consequences that the institutions decide.



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