Mendoza exceeded the pre-pandemic occupancy level in the extra long weekend

If these data are consolidated, Mendoza will recover and improve the data recorded on the same long weekend of 2019, they highlighted from the tourism portfolio.

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Many of the tourists choose a tour of the wineries to spend the extra long weekend in Mendoza.

The snow, great attraction

The preferences for accommodations are in urban spaces, such as the City of Mendoza and San Rafael.

In second place, the tourist corridors linked to the mountain stand out, taking into account the climatic conditions and the possibilities to enjoy the snow.

In fact, this Friday Las Leñas inaugurated part of its slopesin Malargüe, and the Los Puquios complex officially opened in the high mountains with more activities for the family.

The incidence of Sale Mendoza

From May 9 to 11, the Province organized Sale Mendoza, the digital purchase program for tourist products, services and experiences. The proposal had consultations that came from approximately 50 different countries, being Argentina, with 95%, the one that made the most visits. Other countries that entered to see the Mendoza proposals were Brazil, the United States, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Peru, France, Mexico and Colombia.

Another fact that emerged from these metrics was that more than 380,000 clicks on offers were viewed during the three days. In addition, there was a 1,500% growth in simultaneous users browsing the web.

High occupancy during the first quarter of 2022

Mendoza registered a first quarter with record occupancy throughout the province. According to INDEC data, the province had values ​​that exceeded 90% in the entire provincial geography, and the presence of national tourists stood out.

Our province has all the international connection routes open, whether they are the land crossings (Pehuenche and Cristo Redentor) and the air connections have almost fully recovered. Mendoza currently has 130 weekly flights.

In this regard, Minister Vicario commented: “The occupation achieved in Mendoza is part of sustained planning, from which the destination has been worked on permanently, to keep it strong in the national and international tourist offer. With a high level of commitment, both publicly and privately, important decisions were made in the most critical times of the pandemic, taking care of health and the economy over time.”

Mendoza prepares for the winter holidays

Mendoza is ready to receive tourists who will travel during the next summer vacations. The vacation schedule has already been set. In Santa Fe and Córdoba the recess will be from July 11 to 22, the same as the provinces that border Mendoza (San Juan, San Luis, La Pampa and Neuquén), while in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in the Province of Buenos Aires, the winter holidays will be from July 18 to 29.

The snowy proposals of the ski centers are added to the varied offer that our province has, so that Mendoza and tourists can enjoy activities such as balloon rides, helicopter rides, wine tourism activities, rafting and kayaking, catamaran rides, horseback riding, canopy, trekking and hot springs.

Mendoza, in all its extension, from north to south and from east to west, combines its natural beauties with its cultural, gastronomic and sports proposals, which are carefully prepared by the 18 municipalities.

Source: press of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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