Mendoza became the six-time Argentine futsal champion

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Mendoza and Tucumán they had already faced each other less than a week ago in the opening match and nothing was expected other than a rough and close battle.


In this context, Mendoza always had control of the ball and for this reason, beyond some great save by Fede Pérez, it was not surprising that the opening of the scoreboard came through Gaston Fernandez.

Everything seemed calm for the locals, but a foul by Manuel González caused a penalty that Federico Pérez saved to the applause of the entire Aconcagua Arena.


With a deeper campus, mendoza It was more but it cost him to break the seasoned team of Tucumanwho remained on the prowl.

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The match was tense and evenwith chances for both until it was unlocked with another goal from the cat fernandez 4’35” from the end.

The Mendoza party was completed with the third goal scored by Juan Pablo Giordanino who sentenced the 3 to 0 end.




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