Mazatlan wins 2-1 against Chivas Guadalajara

Mazatlan won 2-1 against Chivas Guadalajara During the meeting held this Friday at the Mazatlan Kraken Stadium. Mazatlan He arrived with the intention of returning to the path of victory after losing the last game against Tijuana by a score of 2-0. On the visitors side, Chivas Guadalajara got a goalless draw against Pachuca, adding a point in the last game played in the competition and accumulating four draws in a row in the competition. with this loss Chivas Guadalajara stood in fifteenth position at the end of the match, while Mazatlan is seventeenth.

In the first period neither team was successful in front of goal, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same result of 0-0.

In the second half the goal came for Mazatlanwho opened his scoreboard thanks to the goal of alfonso sanchez in the 69th minute. However, Chivas Guadalajara put the tables establishing the 1-1 through a goal of Angel Zaldivar in the 79th minute. However, the eleven strikers took the lead thanks to a goal from Oswaldo Alanis moments before the final whistle, in minute 87, thus closing the match with a final result of 2-1.

It was a game in which the coaches exhausted all their changes. On the part of the premises they jumped from the bench of substitutes Joshua Coleman, Brian Rubio, Roberto Meraz, Edward Bello Y Enrique Cedillo replacing Marco Fabian, Gonzalo Sosa, alfonso sanchez, Edgar Barcenas Y Nicholas Benedetti. The changes of Chivas Guadalajara were Robert Alvarado, Carlos Cisneros, Pavel Perez, Isaac Brizuela Y Allan Torreswho entered through Sebastian Bouquet, Christian Jonathan Calderon, louis olives, Ferdinand Beltran Y Angel Zaldivar.

During the 90 minutes of the game a total of ten cards were seen. By Mazatlan the referee sanctioned with yellow to Oswaldo Alanis, Nestor Vicente Glass, alfonso sanchez, Nicholas Vikonis, Carlos Vargas Y Brian Rubiowhile in the Zapopan team he admonished louis olives, Ferdinand Gonzalez Y Jesus Orozco and with red to Ferdinand Gonzalez (2 yellow).

With this result, Mazatlan stays with three points and Chivas Guadalajara with five points.

The next day the team will play away from home against Lionwhile Chivas Guadalajara will face in his fiefdom Atlas of Guadalajara.

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