mayor of Torreón on water supply in schools

“We are working,” said the mayor of Torreón, Román Alberto Cepeda, this Friday, when questioned regarding the challenge of providing drinking water to all schools that, during the next few days, they will return to classes in a 100 percent face-to-face way.

The president pointed out that they have been working on this issue since the beginning of the administration, although he admitted that in any case the performance of Simas Torreón and his starting point “was a little lower than expected”, which in any case was not It supposes a pretext for not giving the results corresponding to the entire population.

“We are working so that all of Torreón has water and of course the schools, it is an issue that I insist on, the starting point was a little lower than expected, however we are not going to stop, we are not going to turn around and blame it too to anyone, it is our responsibility and regardless of the facts and whatever happens, it is up to us to give results to the citizenswe are working with new wells, with a massive fix of leaks, repair of 40 wells, reactivation also and desilting of drainages, we will continue to be attentive and on the lookout for everything”.

Regarding the first 5 new drinking water wells that are being drilled and equipped in various sectors of Torreón, the president said he was confident that they will be ready before the next school year starts, so that the students do not have to suffer the inclemencies of low pressure or shortages, facts that impact not only on the subject of high temperatures due to the operation of washed air, but also due to situations of a sanitary nature and regular consumption.

“For everything, particularly and as you well comment for the school year, today (Friday) we just have a meeting, between today and tomorrow (Saturday), to precisely see the progress of the 5 wells and already anticipate the bidding of the other 3 that we will have to start”, said Cepeda.

It should be remembered that the Coahuila Secretary of Education announced this month that public and private elementary schools in the state of Coahuila that currently they provide their services in a semi-presential waythey will have to return to the face-to-face modality 100 percent by next May 16.

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