Mayor of Puchuncaví expects investment in the commune after announcement of closure of the Ventanas smelter

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“This has been going on for a long time,” said the mayor of Puchuncaví, an area that has been affected by the action of Codelco’s Ventanas copper smelting plant, which announced its progressive closure.

The mayor of the commune of PuchuncavíMarcos Morales, referred to the decision of the board of directors of the National Copper Corporation (Codelco) on the closing of the Ventanas foundation, in the Valparaíso region.

in conversation with The Late Night of Radio Bío Bíothe communal chief indicated that “there has been talk of an investment in the closing process, but I would like to hear that the investment has to do with the commune of Puchuncaví given the deterioration that we have had”.

“This new should not be a curtain in front of a reality (…) I expect an investment statement to the commune of Puchuncaví for so many years of wear and tear,” Morales reiterated.

In addition, he said that the decision exposed errors, for which he assured that both he and the community were right to demand environmental measures in the face of imminent contamination in the area.

The mayor of the Municipality of Puchuncaví also stated that he wanted to know the real reasons why the Ventanas smelter will be closed.

“In my commune we have 15 commercial patents (…) Here is the only foundry that exists here, but there are also coal-fired hydroelectric plants and other industrial processes in the area. Codelco is the only refinery and smelter”, he reported.

And finally, he referred to the demonstrations at the hands of Codelco officials after the news. “I have not had contact with the workers, I believe that as long as they are peaceful actions, it is fair. This drags on a long time ago,” he finished.

Listen here to the interview conducted by Simón Valdevenito

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