Máximo Kirchner: revived the internal with criticism of Guzmán and Fernández

Maximo Kirchner lashed out again at the economy minister, Martin Guzman and the president Alberto Fernandez.

The national deputy and leader of La Cámpora led an act at the Podestá club, in the province of Buenos Aires.

“I heard Guzman say that he doesn’t have political support, but he does have the support of the IMF, the President, the labor unions and Clarín. What more support does he want? ”, Pointed out the son of the Vice President.

He also criticized the head of the Palacio de Hacienda for managing inflation, which was 6% in April.

“Do you really believe that the political debate generates inflation? Or do we not look at the real problems as price makers,” Kirchner said.

In addition, the national deputy also directed his criticism at President Alberto Fernández and his entourage.

“Our people behave by obeying. When you want to drive, you must know how to obey, and the people rule. And to know how to lead, the leader must have been led”, he stated before the militancy gathered in Lanús.

“There are those who say that Cristina played Macri’s game. They are the same ones who don’t tell the President the things they have to tell him to make things better. It is time for the political class to mature because the problems are serious. The leaders who say they want to represent the majorities have to pay it,” he added.

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