Maxi López showed how Valentino, the son he had with Wanda Nara, was left after breaking his collarbone

Wanda Nara is having a hard time in recent days, since she was first criticized by Graciela Alfano for the quality of her makeup, also because she was involved in a legal problem in Italy, but above all, for the delicate state of health of her son.

Regarding her son, who is the oldest she has with Maxi López, the model was very concerned when she learned of the accident, which was later confirmed to have broken her collarbone, so they had to run to the hospital.

About his life and that moment in particular, Wanda He reported on his social networks: “I get a lot of messages from you. They write to me ‘oh, I would like to be Wanda’. Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems, there are beautiful and ugly moments, as you will see, for those who seem to have a perfect life“.

Besides, nara He added that regarding his son, Maxi Lopez He was clearly informed of what happened, as it should be, that is why the former Barcelona and River footballer showed his followers how Valentino has recovered: “You will come back stronger than before“.

Recently Wanda was accused of having faked a hack and confessed: “Stop, first point. Yanina who tells everything, even the color of the panties you didn’t tell that you saved my account. It was easier to say that I hacked myself. Your friend told me ‘how limited you are with the networks‘“.

But that wasn’t all he talked about Wandabut also told how his relationship with Maxi Lopezher former partner and father of her older children: “The truth is that I always tried to be cordial with him as much as possible, for the well-being of my children.”.

And I add: “What bothered me and made me feel bad was the topic that said that he didn’t see his children, that I have to do a reality show about when he comes to look for them, there were no potholes for him in my children’s lives, the normal potholes that can be in two people living in two different cities”.

It was then that Wanda nara spoke of the role of Maxi Lopez in his scandal and denied that he helped him: “He didn’t take care of my daughters. My children all go to the same school, he went to pick them up and well he did an little video in which the camera escaped and focused on my two daughters. I did not get angry or claim him but it was part of what he told me not to do with his children.

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