Mauricio Macri gets fully into the province of Buenos Aires and already blesses a candidate

The former president of the Nation, Mauricio Macriseems to be hell-bent on ruining the electoral strategy for Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. And therefore, to each and every one of the candidates that he proposes at the provincial level.

That is why it was not surprising that today he ratified his wish in favor of Christian Ritondo as a candidate for provincial governor, to the detriment of Diego Santilli. In fact, she accompanied him to a “I ring” scheduled from the day before in silverin which he also participated Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Strange the situation of the former governor, who confessed to Rodriguez Larreta and other references PROincluding his own macri, who did not want to visit the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires again, of which he felt “proudly” a reference, for fear of the social condemnation he perceived in the last months of his administration. Will he regret jumping back into the City?… Nobody says. Except her.

ritondo He has already launched his candidacy, which cannot be exposed by the law that prohibits direct campaigning until just two months prior to the electoral act, with a series of graffiti and a recognized seal PRO of the two little arrows and the legend CR23, paraphrasing the motto of Cristiano Ronaldo 7, CR7.

When the leaders who accompanied Vidal Y ritondo about the activity, carried out a little later than expected due to the difficulties that everyone had in moving from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires or the northern part of Conurbano towards silverthey expressed certain reservations.

The filtering in networks of the “I ring“He did not like it very much in the closed circle of the former president and after he spread the two activities, the original one and the one that they later carried out in the stream The cat with the mayor Silver PRO, Julius Garroeverything could be made official.

The presence of macri Y Vidal in its territory had not been confirmed until late yesterday by the municipal authorities of La Plata, according to sources from the provincial capital. claw also wants to be a candidate governorarmed We do with Nestor Grindetiyour pair of Lanusbut now you don’t agree that macri have a “second time”, something that his peer from the southern area of ​​the suburbs does propose.

claw has begun to reconcile its technical teams with those of Santillilike diego valenzuela, William Montenegro and most of the territorial chiefs PRO. They do not say so, but the majority prefers that Rodríguez Larreta be the presidential candidate, or in any case, Patricia Bullrich compete in a STEP to which they also incorporate, for radicalism, Facundo Manes.

Mauricio Macri would be the one to win STEPbut as described Jorge Giacobbe“he will always have to explain why he could not do what he says he is going to do now” and that people have as many doubts about him as their official counterpart, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Since silver, ritondoaccompanied by the person who best translates Vidalismo to Macrismo, Alex Campbellthey went until San Francisco de Solano, in Quilmes. There, the “natural” candidate of the space is the former mayor Martiniano Molina, who will receive Santilli tomorrow.

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