Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta face each other in a fight that takes place on all courts

They say that they speak much more often than what the rest of the mortals know and know. Nevertheless, Mauricio Macri does not fail to demonstrate for an instant that he is “above the rest” and forces him to Horacio Rodriguez Larreta to get out of his comfort zone by walking around the country seeking to consolidate his presidential project, which is beginning to wither as the crisis in the national government progresses.

“Mauricio doesn’t need any photos. A simple call and all the PROs put their heels together and salute Uno”, confesses a yellow operator who follows the force that created himself from birth. macri. For Larreta, meanwhile, everything costs more. That is why he seems to feel somewhat more comfortable establishing relationships with leaders who, like him, have the obligation to be in management on a daily basis.

While the former president has lunch with more than half a dozen foreign ambassadors in the country, and all those present authorize that photo to be viralized, the head of the Buenos Aires Government highlights his communion of action with mayors from all over the country by being present and appearing as the “primus inter pares” in Rosario, where more than thirty territorial heads of Together met with the excuse of being part of the C40 collective, the World Summit of Mayors that will take place in October and of which it will be the host.

Why is Rodríguez Larreta’s presidential candidacy dissipating and that of macri? It is a product that the greater the economic and social instability, the more the course that the former president had traced in his “First Time” is vindicated, and that supposedly could not have been more successful because he did not take the measures at the speed that the crisis warranted. Faced with a broken country, and the population, supposedly, would be willing to take the most acidic and sour remedy in order to find its cure.

The head of the Buenos Aires Government also has as a new “stigma” his good personal relationship with Serge Massa, although in the last twenty years they have never crossed paths on the same ballot or electoral front. It would seem that having a previous and private life disqualifies you for the future in this country that is so cracked and subject to the humor of social networks. His idea of ​​dialoguing with everyone, as expressed by the photo in which his officials Fernando Straface and Jorge Macri, almost his sure successor, were also contrary to the idea of ​​exiting a crisis.

“The more allies you have for any risky undertaking, the more chances of success you will have. Whether it is robbing a bank or saving the country,” maintains one of the most experienced political leaders who, coming from Peronism, also believes that “no one is fulfilled in loneliness”. It seems that right now that is a sacrilege.

That is why the childish mistakes that provincial or national candidates tend to fall into on each tour do not attract attention. They prefer to take photos and carry out activities only with their followers and leave out most of the local referents. It happened to Diego Santilli at the beginning, also to Cristian Ritondo and now they take him to paroxysm Mauricio Macri or Patricia Bullrich. None of them tolerates the presence of another who is not a “Gurka” or insinuates that he intends to work with his own Rodriguez Larreta.

When macri was in Ituzaingó there were only a couple of councillors. Although the winner of the last PASO, Gastón Di Castelnovo, was present, several missed the appointment because they were not invited or because of the intern they did not want to go. The same thing was seen in Castelar on Thursday, where Bullrich arrived with Javier Iguacel and toured that town of Morón without the former mayor and very likely candidate to be elected in 2023, Ramiro Tagliaferro. They didn’t invite him, they simply “advised him” that the activity was going to take place.

As for radicalism, the biggest problem that the technical teams have is not to give Facundo Manes a bad answer. Intelligent and provocative, he is the one who least has the name of Together for Change in his head. He does not believe in any alliance with the PRO as an advantageous element for any project and every time he hears an economist talk about reducing the deficit and modifying social spending, he reproaches him for only generating controversy. “We look like the right,” he said at one of those many meetings.

Today Joaquín De la Torre, ever closer to the “concrete and direct” ideas expressed by Macri and Bullrich, received the former president today in San Miguel. Although he did not notify anyone by decision of the guest, the tour was impressive. “We couldn’t do that even when we won in 2017,” they recognized in the vicinity of the organizers.

The technical teams of the foundations of the parties that make up the opposition front know that their greatest responsibility will be to make the candidates understand that nothing is “right-wing or progressive” anymore, but that it is what it should be. In this sense, according to the presidents of the four technical teams, “since the La Matanza meeting (held more than a month ago) everything is much more harmonious and we complement each other very well.”

No one says so, but it is clear that there are leaders like Larreta and Gerardo Morales, who understand the importance of their respective party and political structures and the imperative need to generate consensus that is much broader than what their respective forces have today, than that of the other candidates. Manes can even coincide with them, because he believes that they have to ally themselves with Juan Schiaretti, but he says so almost leaving out the PRO as his ally and co-team member.

Bullrich, in this sense, is much more practical and does not doubt that “at the end of all the bids there will be unity. They are minor skirmishes”, they say in their surroundings about the territorial presences that can generate grudges that are difficult to mend. Especially in districts where you win or lose by three or four points, those that will inevitably steal Javier Milei.

What they still do not understand, perceive or see at any party table, neither of Together nor of the Front of All, is that a tiny percentage of opponents will always play with the municipal ruling party because they feel more comfortable with the mayor than with those of the team itself .

This happens where the PRO, the radicals or Peronism govern. As these leaders know that they will never have a chance, but they have a bench, they continue to be allies of the communal chiefs who support them much better than their own supporters. The national and provincial leaders and the candidates do everything so that this matrix is ​​sustained by not ordering and, moreover, encouraging these differences.

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