Matthew McConaughey has told how he doesn’t like being told


the actor of Dallas Buyers Club has a nickname he doesn’t answer to and explained why he made that decision despite the fact that it seemed logical to call himself that.

McConaughey is 52 years old.  (Getty)©GettyMcConaughey is 52 years old. (Getty)

The names of all people are put first for “legal” reasons, so that we can organize ourselves as a society when it comes to carrying out issues as fundamental as social security and others as important as to go and vote. However, these names are often reviewed by nicknames that sometimes arise in childhood and grow with us. Sometimes some actors change their name for legal reasons, as in the case of Emma Stone (whose real name is Emily Stone) Is Michael J Fox (who added the ‘j’ even though his middle name is Andrew, so he could register with the actors union).

One of the digits Hollywood who refuses to change his name and at this point it is already impossible to know him otherwise, he is Matthew McConaughey. The winning actor Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club you have a very good reason to only answer the call Matthewand this is how he explained it during an interview on the show jimmy kimmelin which he was asked if he had ever been told “Matte”.

“It was always Matthew for a good reason”Explain McConaugheywhich he says has nothing to do with being bothered by being told Mast. In fact, he said it’s very rare that he turns around if someone on the street calls him. “Matte”, since he knows that it is someone who does not know him in depth. The origin of this question goes back many years, when the actor of magic mike He had just passed through his first years of life and started kindergarten.

In her early preschool years, Matthew McConaughey He had his own mother as a teacher. According to him, there was an event that changed the perception of his name forever. ” My friend John he told me: ‘Mast, you want to go play on the railing?’. I ran and said yes. Halfway up the railing, I felt a hand on my shoulder and boom, I fell to the ground. I looked up and my mother was in my face. », he recalls. Thus, he revealed that his mother reproached him: “Never answer again if they call you Matt. I called you Matthew after the Bible. ».

+ Is McConaughey retiring from acting?

Knowing that he still has no announced projects and that the last thing he did, beyond dubbing in song 2played a minor role in Gentlemen in 2019, you would think that the race of Matthew McConaughey could keep him away from the sets. Because? It seems that the winning artist of the Oscar he is more interested in political life. During the pandemic, he was seen speaking in several interviews about the possibility of being governor of Texas. Although his decision to be a candidate has not yet been formalized, it is increasingly common to hear him give his opinion on the American political situation, which suggests that at bottom, a campaign for the post governor doesn’t sound so far-fetched.

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