Matrix 4: five curious things that the trailer of the expected fourth installment of the saga shows

Keanu Reeves portraying his character Neo alongside Carrie-Anne Moss' Trinity (left).

Keanu Reeves portraying his character Neo alongside Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity (left).

“The Matrix ResurrectionsIt will premiere in theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service in December.

The original movie of The Matrix premiered in 1999, and the first two sequels were released in 2003.

The story shows a virtual reality built by a futuristic artificial intelligence that enslaves humanity.

Co-star Carrie-Anne Moss also appears in the trailer, which premiered online this Thursday.

Here are five things we gleaned from our first look at what is already one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year.

1) A yellow plastic duck

The trailer opens with a bearded Reeves seeking guidance from a bespectacled psychiatrist played by Neil Patrick Harris, from the series How I Met Your Mother.

Reeves’ character says he’s having dreams that seem to allude to Neo’s past as the messianic figure of a resistance movement at war with artificial intelligence behind him. The Matrix.

Reeves, whom Harris calls Thomas, seems oblivious to the truth Neo learned in the first movie: that the world he knows is a sophisticated computer-created simulation.

But he realizes something is going on as he takes an elevator, studies his reflection in a mirror, and sits in a bathtub with a yellow plastic duck perched on his head.

2) Do we know each other?

Since Neo seemed to die at the end of The Matrix Revolutionsfrom 2003, we are led to wonder if Reeves is playing a variation on his original character.

The same can also be applied to the character of Moss, Trinity, who doesn’t seem to recognize Reeves when they meet and shake hands in a coffee shop.

On the other hand, Thomas / Neo may be trying to block out the memories of the man he once was, possibly ingesting handfuls of blue pills.

In the original film, Neo is offered a pill of that color that would allow him to return and continue his simulated existence.

3) Alice in Wonderland

A scene from The Matrix Resurrections

Warner Bros

Neo, of course, chose to take a red pill which, in the words of Morfeo, the character of Laurence Fishburne, allowed him to “stay in Wonderland and [ver] how deep is the rabbit hole ”.

Alice in Wonderland“, de Lewis Carroll, it’s a element recurring in the universe of The Matrix and reappears in book form in the new three-minute trailer.

A rabbit tattoo that alludes to Carroll’s white rabbit is seen on the arm of another character, played by the British-Chinese actress. Jessica Henwick.

The background song, meanwhile, is White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane, a 1967 psychedelic hymn inspired by Carroll’s writing and imagery.

4) Reeves’ character still knows kung fu

A scene from The Matrix Resurrections

Warner Bros

At the urging of actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (known for his role in Candyman), Reeves ends up taking a red pill that seems to reveal the secrets of The Matrix.

He also seems to awaken his martial arts prowess and hits his new friend with such force that he shatters the dojo simulated in which they are training.

Abdul-Mateen II’s character appears to have many of the attributes of Morpheus, suggesting that he may be a younger version or perhaps the son of Fishburne’s character.

Fishburne himself revealed in 2020 that he had “not been invited” to reprise his role in the film. Lana Wachowski.

5) Explosive mayhem

A scene from The Matrix Resurrections

Warner Bros

While the original trilogy was directed by Lana Wachowski in conjunction with her sister Lily, the fourth film is directed by Lana alone.

However, having one less person behind the camera doesn’t seem to have reduced the explosive chaos of the new film.

Trains, helicopters, motorcycles and cars are just some of the modes of transport that are destroyed.

In the meantime, if there’s a tall building nearby, you can be sure someone will jump from it at some point.

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