Massacre in Texas: Authorities Report Demolition of Robb Elementary School Following Uvalde Shooting

On May 24, the world was surprised after Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old, stormed the grounds of Robb Elementary School, located in Uvalde, Texas, and carried out one of the deadliest shootings in American history.

This fateful attack claimed the lives of 19 children and two teacherswho were killed by Ramos while the young man was walking through the corridors of the school.

Salvador Ramos launched his macabre plan after leaving his house and shooting his grandmother in the facewho tried to stop his grandson when he saw him armed with two rifles and hundreds of pieces of ammunition.

Almost a month after the shooting, Don McLaughlin, mayor of Uvalde, reported that Robb Elementary School will be demolished in the wake of this tragedy.

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“You could never ask a child to go back or a teacher to go back to that school. Never”, confessed McLaughlin before confirming the demolition of the facilities.

Confirmation of this decision came just weeks after Joe Biden, President of the United States, suggested demolishing the school due to the trauma created by this deadly shooting.

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Before the attack, Robb Elementary School housed nearly 600 students, all boys in second, third, and fourth grades.

Robb Elementary School will be demolished after a May 24 shooting that left 21 people dead. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

Despite the uproar generated by the demolition of Robb Elementary School, andThis would not be the first to be dismantled after a mass shooting.

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Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut was destroyed after 20 students aged 6 and 7 and six staff members were killed in 2012 in the deadliest school shooting in US history.

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