Massa: “We have to ensure that everyone is connected”

Accompanied by Claudio Ambrosini, head of the National Communications Entity (ENACOM); Martín Insaurralde, head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Province of Buenos Aires; and Nicolás Mantegazza, mayor of San Vicente, Sergio Massa participated in the delivery of 3,000 tablets to neighbors within the framework of the “Connected with you” program, which promotes equitable access to facilities with the aim of facilitating insertion, integration and social development through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

In this context, the leader of the Renovating Front stated: “Being connected with fiber optics, with a tablet, with a cell phone, is being connected to the world in which we live. This decision by ENACOM to bring the solution closer to thousands of retirees in the country has to do with building a State that is present and that provides answers”.

In addition, he considered: “Technology is changing our work and life. We have to get everyone connected.”

“The digital divide is the difference between those who are connected and those who are not. For this reason, the smaller that gap is in Argentina, the more part of the world the Argentine men and women are going to be,” added Massa.

He also assured that “it is key that we train our young people in programming and in the use of digital tools, because it means learning to live in a new world.”

And he added: “We want each neighbor to be connected to Argentina and to the world. We also need our elders to feel part of it, that’s why it’s key that they have the tools and receive training,” said Massa.

Also taking part in the meeting were the president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies, Federico Otermín; the national deputy Julio Pereyra; the provincial senator José Luis Pallares; and the provincial deputy, Ayelén Rasquetti, among others.

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