Martin’s joke

The man was unable to travel with his wife, agreeing to catch up with her a few days later.

When the woman arrives and checks in at the hotel, she decides to send an e-mail to her husband, but she gets one letter wrong and inadvertently sends it to another address.

The e-mail is received by mistake by a widower who has just arrived from his wife’s funeral, and when reading his e-mail he instantly faints.

The widower’s son, upon entering the room, finds his father unconscious on the floor, at the foot of the computer, on whose screen one could read:

Dear husband:

I have arrived well.

You may be surprised to hear from me this way, but now they have computers here and you can send messages to your loved ones.

I just arrived and I have checked that everything is ready for when you arrive this coming Friday.

I am looking forward to seeing you and I hope that your trip is as calm and relaxed as mine has been.

PS: Don’t bring too many clothes. Here is infernal heat!

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