Marley and Mirko traveled to learn about the El Azufre project

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Marley and Mirko arrived there to enjoy a walk different from the ones that both of them usually have, who have already traveled much of the world together.

Mirko heading to Sulfur.png

From Mirko’s official account, you can also see the photos of the flight they both took to get to El Azufre.

In fact, Marley tells about it in her instagram stories. “They are taking us by plane to a beautiful place in Mendoza called El Azufre”, and then added “it is the first time that Mirko has traveled in such a small plane”. In addition, she emphasized that Mirko wanted to learn to ski in this impressive Mendoza landscape.

The charms of Sulfur

The initiative of Alejandro Spinello, José Beccar Varela and Daniel Nofal began to take shape in 2007. It is exactly located on the border with Chile, north of the Peteroa volcano and the Valenzuela river, in the Punilla and Cordón del Cura area, at 3,200 meters high.

Who discovered the place was Beccar Varela, who in 2007 was a mountain guide in Las Leñas. He understood that the conditions for skiing in that hidden valley were unbeatable and began working to bring his idea to life. Beccar Varela then added Nofal and Spinello.

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The project is not yet complete, it still has some legal aspects to obtain (among others, the approval of the DIA, Environmental Impact Statement), but more than 5 million dollars have already been invested.

Marley at the Snow Party

after this lightning ride in which he took the opportunity to enjoy the imposing landscape of the Mendoza mountain, Marley will be the one to lead the Provincial Snow Festival.

After two years of not being able to take place due to the pandemic, the next edition will be on Saturday June 25 and will feature performances by Rotos de Amor, Virginia da Cunha -ex Bandana-, Axel and La K’onga.

During the presentation of the event, the mayor of Malargüe, Juan Manuel Ojeda, assured that “it will be a totally renewed party, full of national artists, with which we seek to celebrate a resource as vital as snow, with which tourists can practice different sports and tour our mountain range”.

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