Marcos Perren, the former Bake Off who traveled to Qatar as a FIFA volunteer for the World Cup

Mark Perren became known in the second edition of Bake Off Argentina, when at the age of 19 he conquered viewers with his determination and sympathy. And if in reality she had already shown her determination to move forward, she now reaffirmed it.

Because frames He did everything in his power not to miss the World Cup in Qatar without spending the enormous fortune in dollars that you have to spend if you want to be part of that adventure on the spot. In principle, work in Norway, where he managed to save to buy the ticket.

Then, he signed up on the FIFA page as a volunteer, where he entered after several evaluations. “Once you meet, they offer you a role. You can accept or reject it. The issue is that if you don’t take it, they won’t assure you of another”he told TN Show.

“It is something that you do without an economic return, but they give you quite a few benefits. The biggest is that you have a free stay and breakfast. In addition, they do raffles for tickets for different matches”, clarified the young man who aired the unusual clauses of the reality shows.

For now, what Perren enjoys most is the cultural exchange while working in the heart of the World Cup. “We are in an area that is only for volunteers and it is a nice constant party”counted.

Marcos works in a FIFA hotel, with a futuristic architecture, which he defines as “a portal to another world”. there they stay Javier Mascherano and other soccer stars, but still couldn’t go through it.

“My job is to communicate via a walkie-talkie when FIFA cars enter so that they are received upstairs”he pointed out, when detailing the work that fell to his lot, quite monotonous but the boy does not complain, although he acknowledges that other volunteers have a better time.

“It doesn’t bother me because in order to have free accommodation… But many had to be in the stadiums. For example, an acquaintance had Lionel Messi next to him when he was singing the anthem because he was holding one of the flags.”he commented.

For now, Marcos is counting on his networks day by day what he is experiencing during his stay, which has a date of return to Norway for December 20. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. It depends on the Selection. Hopefully I can stay until the end supporting Argentina”indicated.

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