Marcelo Ebrard assures that Durango “will do very well” with Marina Vitela

“With the federal government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we have a great opportunity as a nation, and Durango also has this opportunity today with Marina Vitela, so take it, she is going to be the governor who brings about the Fourth Transformation and her state will do very well. well”was the call of Marcelo Ebrard during his visit to the state to endorse his support for the gubernatorial candidate for the coalition “Together we make history”, during a meeting with businessmen, professionals, artists and other civil society.

Ebrard Casaubón pointed out that, With the victory of Marina, Durango will finally have a woman of integrity and commitment who will give impetus to the programs and land the investments with which there will be prosperity for allfor which he assured, together with federal legislators from different entities, that the standard-bearer of Morena-PT-PVEM-RSP-Ruta5 will have the full force of the Fourth Transformation to achieve it.

Accompanied by the national president of Morena, Mario Delgado; the coordinator of the Morenista caucus in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier; the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Mora; the president of Ruta 5, Manuel Espino; the candidate for Mayor of Durango, Gonzalo Yáñez and local deputies, Marcelo reaffirmed his confidence that Marina will win and comply with the development that comes with a 4T government, with projects, works and social programs. But above all, commitments fulfilled.

For its part, Marina Vitela thanked the support of all the forces that make up this alliance, as well as the support of Ebrard and the President himself so that Durango does well with the government of true change.because it is time to put an end to the corruption that has prevailed here and that seeks to perpetuate itself, to make way for the transformation that the state, its municipalities and communities so desperately need, where each family will notice the great difference.

With the support of the different sectors of society and the business force on her side, Vitela Rodríguez pointed out that she is a woman of her word, forward, who has faced the adversities that life has put her through and leaves no one behind, That is why he understands the most vulnerable families in Durango and will not fail them.

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