Maradona’s children opened their father’s container and found that the valuables were missing

The sons of Diego Maradona when opening a container with your belongings they realized that everything they knew was not thereso they started a court claim.

Before his death, Maradona had sent two containers from Dubai, where he spent several years of his lifewith your most precious things.

Matias MorlaMaradona’s lawyer, summoned a notary’s office to count the objects and close the container located in Beccar with a band, pending completion of the inheritance procedures.

The children opened those containers full of memories of the idol and things of great value are missing.

were Veronica Ojeda representing Diego Fernando, also Diego Jr.., who is in the country on vacation because he wanted to go to his father’s grave to pray, Dalma, Gianinna and Jana.

There was shirts, pants, caps, gifts, trophies. But they weren’tand the watches, or the jewelry that his children knew he had.

“Deceased Diego, from Morla’s side they say: ‘In Dubai there was a kind of little box where Diego put watches, rings, gold chains and others. They gave that to Monona, the trusted person who was with Maradona in Dubai. And in turn, that arrived in Buenos Aires and was delivered to Claudia Villafane. That’s what they say from Morla’s side“said journalist Carlos Monti on the program Nosotros a la Mañana.

The children say ‘but stop, beyond the little box, a lot of things are missing‘. Having made the inventory where everything was well detailed, when they opened this pandora’s box from Dubai, they realized that there were missing“added the journalist.

Faced with this situation, the children of Maradona filed a complaint with the Justice to know where things are.

In reality, the container had already been opened several months ago, what was done yesterday is that all the children got together and shared their father’s things “said Fernando Gutin, Dalma and Gianinna’s lawyer to Teleshow and explained that it was objects “no economic value but sentimental” among which were clothes, books and slippers. Of course, for having belonged to the soccer idol they have a plus.

But the watches of Diego, who was an ambassador of a renowned luxury brand of Swiss origin, are not there. “Their boxes were emptied by the people who were before. Diego’s proxies and representatives were the ones who could access that box “assured.

Gustavo Pascual, Jana’s lawyerassured “working to complete the information on the goods, to understand what steps should be followed.”

On the other hand, this is the first time that Diego Junior has come to Buenos Aires since the death of his father. “I’m going to the cemetery, I have to give him a kiss. His death was very hard, one of the most difficult moments of my life”he said in Intruders upon arrival and on the reasons for the death he added: “I think there were those responsible, that’s why we are presenting ourselves in the case.”

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