Manny Bañuelos gives a ball to a lagoon boy in Tampa

The lagoons call each other in any corner of the planet. This was demonstrated by Jesús Salcido, who in his own Twitter account describes himself as “Parralense, Chihuahuense, Lagunero”, he lives in Florida, United States and when he went to a Major League Baseball game, his son experienced one of the best experiences of his life, thanks to Manuel “Manny” Bañuelos, also a Lagunero, pitcher for the New York Yankees.

As Salcido described, his little son greatly admires Bañuelos, knowing that he is from the lagoon, born in El Vergel, Durango and that after a decade of waiting after being signed by the Yankees, finally this season he managed to debut with the New York team. Jesús explained that his son went to look for Bañuelos in the Spring Training that the Yankees held in Tampa Bay, Florida, during the month of February, but he was unsuccessful when looking for the left-hander from La Laguna.. However, during the Yankees’ visit to the Tampa Bay Rays last Tuesday, the Salcidos went to Tropicana Field and had the pleasure of chatting with “Manny.”

Thank you very much, Manny Banuelos. My son, knowing that you are a lagoon, sought to meet you when he found out that you would be with the Yankees, he sought you in spring training in Florida, without success, today he did it, you gave him a ball. He was the happiest boy in the world“Jesus wrote on his Twitter account, in a message where he also mentioned Aarón Arguijo, a reporter for META, El Siglo de Torreón.

Jesús accompanied his publication, with a photograph of his little son, showing the ball that they gave him and wearing a cap of the Algodoneros del Unión Lagunain the stands at Tropicana Field.

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