Manchester City inaugurated the statue in tribute to Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero

Today is a very special day for all fans of the Manchester Citysince ten years of the agonizing title achieved are celebrated, the citizen team managed to raise the format of the premier league and be crowned by league after 40 years.

That day, the team faced the QPRwhere he needed a victory to be crowned champion or wait for his backyard rival, the Manchester Unitedwon’t win.

At minute 90 of the game, the game was 1-2 in favor of the visitors, while, in the other game, the reds were winning and were staying with the Premier.

The minute 90 + 2 arrived and in a corner kick charged by the Spanish David Silvafound a edin dzekowho scored the match tie with 3 minutes to go, even so, the champion was the United.

The whole team went on the attack and as if it were a script for a movie, with 90 seconds to go before closing, ‘Kun’ Agüero pulled an Ace up his sleeve and scored the goal of the dying title, his celebration was emblematic, he took off his shirt and that was the postcard that was captured in the statue released today.

The sculpture was located on one of the sides of the Etihad Stadiumaccompanied by those of David Silva and the Belgian Vincent Company.

“The permanent statue of Agüero celebrates his extraordinary contribution to the success of the club and, in particular, his pivotal role in what was arguably one of the greatest moments in the history of the sport, for which he will be eternally remembered by Manchester City fans. from all over the world”, were the words of the club in its press release.

Manchester City inaugurated the statue of ‘Kun’ Agüero. Photo: Twitter @ManCity

About this great tribute, the Argentine player spoke and stated: “The truth is that it is something very beautiful for me, seeing myself 10 years ago is very exciting. In those 10 years I was able to win many titles and I was able to help the club to be one of the most important in the world. I am enormously grateful to the club for making this statue in recognition of my footballing career in Manchester. It’s something very special”.

Let’s remember that Omen He had to put an end to his sports career due to health problems and ended up retiring as an idol of the English club, where he managed to lift 15 titles.

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