Man arrested for stealing 20 popsicles from a store

Guadalajara police arrested a 50-year-old man identified as Juan “N”who minutes before had entered a convenience store to steal, however, the loot was 20 popsiclesamong other things.

The thief was reported after having broken the glass of a store on Avenida de los Maestros and Siete Colinas to later enter to steal, so the authorities went to the place.

Upon their arrival they found the man running down Siete Colinas Street heading south and they managed to intercept it at the height of HuascarĂ¡n; in the protocol inspection, thermal bags, approximately 20 prepaid cards for an application and 40 popsicles were found on him.

Man arrested for stealing 20 popsicles from a store

For their part, store employees reported that At the time the subject broke the glass of the store, he self-injured his headfor which he had to receive medical assistance to later be handed over to the Public Ministry.



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