Madness and tension for Mona Jiménez: tickets for her two dances were sold out

The tickets for the dances that the Mona Jimenez will give in Forge sold out in a few minutes. Thousands of fans made long queues during the afternoon of this Tuesday in Patio Olmos. When it was announced that the tickets for the dance on Friday, July 15 had sold out, Carli Jiménez announced a second show on the artist’s social networks, for Saturday the 16th. These tickets flew in just 40 minutes.

The fans of Carlos “la Mona” Jiménez had a confirmation they had been waiting for a long time: the “top man” of the quartet would do a show at Forja. The expectation was high because it was the musician’s first dance since the beginning of 2020, not counting his presentations at festivals such as Bum Bum or his recent recital at the Obelisk.

The tickets for the first of his dances -July 15- went on sale this Tuesday: they immediately flew out of the ticket offices. There were struggles, shouts and anger when, after 6:00 p.m., it was announced that the tickets were sold out.

In the Patio Olmos, ticket sales point, moments of tension were experienced.

Pushes, shouts and claims. A few minutes after the first show sold out, Carli Jiménez announced on the artists’ official networks that a second dance would be added, on Saturday, July 16. These tickets also sold out immediately: 40 minutes ticket sales lasted.

Great expectation for Jiménez’s return to the stage. Will they add a third show? At the moment, there is no news about it.

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