Macron invites the political forces of the Assembly on Tuesday and Wednesday

“Guarantor of the institutions, the President of the Republic is determined to act in the interest of the French men and women, depositary of the mandate that the latter have granted him”, explained the entourage of the Head of State. “As soon as there is no alternative majority, the question of how to carry out the necessary transformations for the country is posed. This is the meaning of this meeting with the political forces: to dialogue and exchange for the higher interest of the Nation and to build solutions in the service of the French people”, added this source.

The representatives of the political forces having vocation to form the ten groups envisaged will be received successively. Republican President Christian Jacob accepted the invitation, his party told AFP.

Two months after the presidential election, the macronists failed to retain an absolute majority in the Assembly, set at 289 seats out of 577, obtaining 245 deputies. They are ahead of the Nupes, which will have at least 150 representatives in the hemicycle, according to an updated count from AFP, ahead of the National Rally, which is making a historic breakthrough (89 seats), then the Republicans, with an abstention rate of 53.79%.

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