Lupe Esparza acknowledges that she was wrong to belittle Christian Nodal

MEXICO.- Although Christian Nodal boasts of one of the most successful musical careers of the moment, in Mexico, the Sonoran faced many obstacles to consolidate himself as the artist he is today. At the end of May, through a dynamic on social networks, he commented that several musicians despised him at the beginning.

“I got trampled because they saw me as competitionThey didn’t realize he was a 17-year-old boy,” Nodal said at the time.

One of them was Lupe Esparza, lead singer of Bronco, who recently acknowledged her mistake in underestimating Nodal. In a broadcast of windowingthe singer admitted that despised Nodal when it caused a sensation in the middle in 2017.

I have always said that when a new artist comes out and is going to be successful, he makes his farewell debut, because there is no staggering, but in this case with Nodal I was wrong, ”he commented.

Later he recognized that the Sonoran is a very talented singer and that he has the potential to have an extensive and successful career. He also warned her to take care of his status in the middle and that his scandals were not the only reason for his fame.

“I thought that he was going to get there, but he did very well and harvested great, interesting songs. And I see that potential in him, like this take care and that he stay, not only because of the scandals, he is a very young boy who has a lot of potential and who is achieving a lot in terms of music, “he stressed.

Finally, Lupe Esparza commented that he was one of those “concerned” about everything that happened between Belinda and her colleague, implying that follow closely the steps of the artist.

“That it does not stay only with the scandals, obviously in all of Mexico we are still worried because he ended up with Belinda, but the truth is that I like all his music, “concluded the singer.

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