Luis Fernando Suárez spoke about the role that the Costa Rican National Team will have in the World Cup

There are only a few months left before the ball begins to roll in the Qatar World Cup 2022, where will the Colombian coach be Luis Fernando Suarez on the bench Costa Rica.

The ‘coffee grower’ coach who a few weeks ago classified the ‘Ticos’ to the World Cup, He talked about what his great game was against New Zealand, where they won 1-0 and won the last place in the most important national team tournament in the world.

Suarez, In a dialogue with AFP, he expressed what his team’s goals are in the World, where he hopes to play a good role: “You have to believe it, if not, then we’re not going, we have to be aware that it’s possible to do it. If there is a favorite, it’s not Costa Rica, there are other favorites, but you have to compete. Matches are won or lost after playing them, not before.”

In addition, the 62-year-old strategist criticized technicians who only think about attacking and called them populists: “A coach who says that he only thinks about attack and that he doesn’t think about defense seems very populist to me, it seems irresponsible to me, I think that both things have to be done well”.

The Colombian will lead his third World Cup as coach. Photo: EFE

Luis Fernando Suarez He did not hide and revealed which are his favorite teams to take the title of the World Cup, two of them share the Group E with the Costa Rican national team at the orbital rendezvous.

“Many favorites, the South Americans are good, they don’t change their names, they will always be Brazil, will always be Argentina, will always be Spain, either Germany, but the same ones have always been mentioned, then there have always been good surprises”, indicated the DT.

The Colombian DT criticized the technicians who only think about attacking.  Photo: EFE

The Colombian DT criticized the technicians who only think about attacking. Photo: EFE

The World Cup in Qatar, It will begin on November 23 of this year, and will end in the last week of December, which will be a novelty in the national team tournament that has always been played in the middle of the year.

This Thursday, the FIFA confirmed through a statement that it will expand the list of players for the national teams, which will be able to call 26 players, 3 more players than in previous editions. The governing body will also allow a total of 26 people on the bench, where there will be 15 substitutes and 10 people from the coaching staff, plus the coach.

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