Luis Fernando Suárez reveals the joy he feels in taking Costa Rica to the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 already knows the 32 selected participants, after the Costa Rican national team directed by the Colombian Luis Fernando Suarez manage to beat New Zealand in the repechage to keep the last quota for the orbital appointment.

The Antioquian strategist had a dialogue this Thursday in Radius Snailwhere he showed the happiness he feels when making history with the American Central team: “I am happy for everything that has happened, happy for Costa Rica, I am also aware that many people in Colombia is celebrating with me. It has been a very nice experience.”

Suarez, who will participate in his third world as a coach, he analyzed what will be the tough group he will have in Qatar, where he shares zone E with Spain, Germany and Japan: “All that was done when we knew who the opponent was for the playoffs was to study New Zealand. We’ll see how it can be improved to face three difficult rivals. The team that worries me most at the moment is Costa Rica, We have a lot to improve, we are good in many things, but we still need to improve a lot in attack”.

The 62-year-old Colombian coach revealed that there was a moment when he was offered the bench of the Colombia selectionbut decided to drop the offer because he felt that he did not feel ready for the position of coach.

The Colombian DT qualified Costa Rica for the World Cup in Qatar. Photo: EFE

“You will always want to manage your country, the most important thing I do, I do it consciously, managing clubs abroad and even more managing national teams, is that I also represent my country and try to do my best. There was a time when the one that was offered to me Selection, that It was in the year 2000 where I thought I was still too raw to take a Selection when I was older and I didn’t accept it, then the stars haven’t aligned for me to be here”, indicated the DT ‘Cafetero’.

Also, Luis Fernando Suarez He expressed that after the call at the beginning of the century it was not taken into account again because the ‘Tricolor’ has had great technicians: “I’ve been away a long time and Colombia He has had a great coach like Joseph Pekerman, It seems to me that he did things very well starting this cycle and then I have been, on one side, and on the other”.

Suárez celebrating the ticket to the World Cup.  Photo: EFE

Suárez celebrating the ticket to the World Cup. Photo: EFE

Finally, the helmsman of the Costa Rican national team noted that he has a strange feeling of playing a world at the end of the year, where the big losers will be the clubs that will have to stop their competitions to make way for the World Cup.

“The teams have made a very big sacrifice, tightening their schedule, cutting the tournament short. Right now, the finals are just going to start this weekend, they have to find some way to speed up a process to finish before November, because we’re going to play on November 23. We have two dates FIFA and we are going to look for important games to continue improving”, finished Luis Fernando Suarez.

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