Luciano Aued and his return to the courts: “All I wanted was to feel like a player again”

This Saturday, Catholic University defeated Union San Felipe 3-1 for the first leg of the third round of the Copa Chile. In Quillota, the midfielder Luciano Aued returned to the courts after missing the first semester with heart problems.

The last time the midfielder had played a game was on December 4, 2021 against Everton, in obtaining the crossed four-time championship in the National Championship.

In January, the Argentine underwent a coronary angiography and a month later the UC medical staff recommended that the soccer player will not carry out contact sports activities for a minimum period of six months.

After undergoing new studies, last Wednesday, June 15, “Luli” confirmed that he was ready to return to professional activity. “The coaching staff will regulate me and they will see how many minutes I am for,” he said at a press conference.

And his return was not long in coming. In the debut of the Crusaders for the Chile Cup against Unión San Felipe, the coach Ariel Holan decided to include Aued in the starting lineup. The midfielder was cheered by college fans at various stages of the game and He remained on the field of play until the 87th minute. After his substitution, the Argentine, obviously moved, sang the traditional song ‘Thanks to life’.

“The only thing I wanted was to enjoy the game, enjoy my teammates and these people who never left me alone. All this time the only thing I wanted was to feel this, to be inside a court “the flyer told TNT Sports.

Along the same lines, the man from La Plata recalled the process of uncertainty prior to receiving confirmation of his return. “It had been very uphill and when the study date approaches, the middle begins, the doubts if they will discharge me or I will not be able to play again. It was all a mixture of sensations and I just wanted to enjoy it and feel like a player again”he remarked.

On the other hand, the midfielder recognized that it will not be an easy task to recover his level. “The only thing that gives you the rhythm of the game is to play, and it is not easy. I’m 35 years old and it’s not like you’re coming back right away. I’m going down that road, but today I don’t analyze much the performance but the fact of playing again “, pointed.

Lastly, Luciano Aued was excited to be able to reverse the first semester of UC in the 2022 season. “Little by little we are going to get back on track and good things are going to be found. I trust Ariel’s work a lot, in the boys who are and those who can join. It seems to me that we are going to get things on track, ”she concluded.

The second leg between Catholic University and San Felipe Union will be played in San Carlos de Apoquindo, the next Saturday June 25.

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