Louis Tomlinson in Chile: new date, capacity reduction and fan annoyance

Thousands of fans are eager to see Louis Tomlinson in Chile. However, not everything is being so simple to enjoy the pop artist live at Movistar Arena, in Santiago. The phase change in the plan “We continue to take care of ourselves, Step by Step”, decreed by the Government and the Ministry of Health of Chile, forced the production company DG Medios to seek a solution due to the change in capacity.

The good news? The singer added a third date for Tuesday, May 17. The idea is that this will serve to reduce the number of attendees at the shows on May 15 and 16 and thus comply with the regulations.

Those who wish to change their ticket for the new date and thus collaborate with the optimal realization of the event will have a benefit, since they will obtain an improvement in purchased locations. That is, the possibility of seeing the artist closer, comfortable and safe. Of course, this is only for the first two thousand people who change their attendance day

Location upgrade for those who change their ticket from May 15 or 16, for May 17.

  • If you have a Platea Alta ticket, you automatically get an upgrade to Platea Baja General
  • If you have a ticket for Platea Baja or Platea Central you automatically get an upgrade to Golden
  • If you have a Silver ticket you automatically get an upgrade to Golden
  • If you have a Golden ticket, you automatically get an upgrade to Platinum
  • If you have a Platinum ticket, you automatically get an upgrade to Diamond
  • Diamante is the best category within the venue, so the upgrade will be prior entry to the Movistar Arena through an exclusive door and the option to purchase merch in advance.

How to make the change?

You just have to go to the link Ticket Point Starting at 2:00 p.m. today, Saturday, May 14.

It is important to reiterate that the benefit of the locations will only be for the first 2,000 people who enter and wish to change their date to May 17.

When entering the link, the first thing you must do is select the day for which you bought the ticket (May 15 or 16) and accept the change for the new date.

annoyance of the fans

Although the production company DG Medios stated that it was making every effort to meet the expectations of Louis Tomlinson fans and requested their collaboration, the confusion generated and the organizational changes caused the discomfort of those who have tickets to the show.

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