Lotto Plus: results and winning numbers for today, Saturday June 18

The draw 3476 of Lotto Plus It was held this Saturday, June 18, as it happens every Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 10 p.m. Find out what the winning numbers were and everything you need to know about this popular game.

Lotto Plus is a popular game of chance organized by the City Lottery. Whoever places the bet must choose six random numbers between 00 and 42. Afterwards, they must wait for the draw that takes place twice a week.

Lotto Plus: draw and results for Saturday June 18


Numbers: 06 – 08 – 17 – 22 – 28 – 35
Jackpot: 1 – 2


Numbers: 01 – 02 – 08 – 12 – 25 – 37
Jackpot: 5 – 6


Numbers: 03 – 05 – 23 – 32 – 36 – 41
Jackpot: 1 – 2 – 5 – 6

hits Traditional amounts Traditional Winners Take back amounts Revenge Winners Sale or Sale Amounts Exit or Exit Winners
6 Hits + 2 Jackpot $679,555,892 Vacant $679,555,892
6 Hits + 1 Jackpot $49,368,976 Vacant $49,368,976
6 Hits $14,177,772 Vacant $14,177,772
5 Hits + 2 Jackpot $500,000 Do not play
5 Hits + 1 Jackpot $130,000 Do not play
5 hits $50,000 Do not play $103,424
4 Hits + 2 Jackpot Do not play Do not play
4 Hits + 1 Jackpot Do not play Do not play
4 hits Do not play Do not play
3 Hits + 2 Jackpot Do not play Do not play
3 Hits + 1 Jackpot Do not play Do not play
3 hits Do not play Do not play

What is Lotto Plus?

Lotto Plus is a jackpot game (the prize corresponds to a variable jackpot) that manages The Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires.

How to play Lotto Plus?

The Lotto Plus has 3 modalities:

Traditional: the bettor must choose a total of six figures in the range from 0 to 41, in addition to two others called “Jack” from 0 to 9. There is also the possibility of making multiple bets, in which additional numbers can be chosen to those 6 traditional main numbers.

Retaliation: This is the second draw, in which 6 main numbers plus 2 extra numbers called “Jack” must also be chosen. In this case, unlike the traditional draw, it only has three prize categories. You participate with the same numbers as in the traditional one.

Exit or Exit: the bettor plays with the same numbers with which he played in the previous draws. In this draw, 6 main numbers are also drawn, but unlike the other variants, no Jack numbers are drawn. Instead, the four numbers of this category that were drawn in the Traditional and Retribution are taken as Jacks numbers.

When is the Lotto Plus drawn?

The three draws take place one after the other, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:00. Bets for these draws close a few hours before. Ticket sales closing time is 5:45 PM on Wednesdays and 8:30 PM on Saturdays.

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