Los Dos Carnales fill Plaza México and give an emotional surprise to a girl

The career of Los Dos Carnales began to emerge in 2020. The brothers Poncho and Imanol Quezada have scored several successes and yesterday they achieved one that they never imagined.

The natives of San Pedro, Coahuila raised the name of the region to Plaza México, where they gathered 20 thousand fans in an evening full of hits in which El Fantasma was also present.

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The lagoons uploaded some photos on their social networks that show their “sold out” in the capital’s compound. “Speechless my people,” they wrote in the snapshots taken with a drone.


Something that also attracted attention in networks was that a girl stood outside Plaza México with a cardboard that said: “I will not be able to be at your concert, but I hope to meet you.”

The Quezadas saw the photo of the little girl named Denisse and they immediately looked for her until they found her.

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“Denisse, we were very happy to meet you, thanks for supporting our music! We’ll see you here later, Denise’s favorite song is “El Borracho”, what is yours? We are ready La Plaza Mexico”, the artists posted to next to a picture that was taken with her, whom they invited, along with her family, to enjoy the concert.

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