Loreto Aravena returns to open television with a program that travels through the neighborhoods

The actress loreto aravena return to broadcast television. As she pointed out on her Instagram account, this Saturday, August 6, she will appear as the host of the second season of the program. “Neighborhood Times”, in Channel 13.

“This Saturday. I’m back!”, was the text that accompanied Aravena’s post. Above, a video announcing the program: this time, it will focus on the historic Villa France, in Central Station.

On previous occasions, Aravena had traveled the Villa Francia, Yungay neighborhood, Rosas and Matta Sur, in the Metropolitan region. Outside the capital, he passed through Tarapacá, Maule, Los Ríos, Los Lagos and Magallanes.

In the chapters, the star recognized for his role in the “The 80″ shares with residents of the neighborhoods, delving into their routines, customs and joys.

It should be remembered that Aravena was distanced from television after the bullied case of the filmmaker Nicholas Lopez.

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