Lorenzo: "When entering the dark room you have to remember what the FDT did"

Just three days before the PASO in the entire country, the first candidate for provincial deputy on the list headed by Facundo Manesl, Lorenzo Natali, pointed out that the proposal presented by the neurosurgeon today “is revolutionary” and the best of all that were presented “so that Argentina stops falling.”

In addition, he acknowledged that – paraphrasing what Máximo Kirchner said yesterday in Bahía Blanca – it is also necessary to remember “many things that the ruling party (NdR: national and provincial level) did when entering the dark room.”

“I am hopeful that Manes wins the elections, because it seems to me that his is the best of the proposals that there is for Argentina to stop falling. We cannot get used to the fact that our country has 50% poverty, that it is a laughingstock in economic matters or that we are condemned to live in inflation. The Manes thing is revolutionary and has the formula so that everything begins to work ”, indicated in a talk through lanueva.com.

Natali acknowledged, however, that it was not made up of the government made by Mauricio Macri in the Nation or by María Eugenia Vidal in the Province.

“Macri will not be part of this new government, so it would not be a problem for the voter. In Bahía Blanca, the first government of Héctor Gay was good, and unfortunately the second was governed by the pandemic. It is logical to think that it could have been better if it had not been for this issue, “he said.

The former announcer highlighted that the 40 years of experience in front of the second morning of “LU2“They gave him the possibility of interacting” with people of all levels and all subjects, “endowing him with” a certain preparation to rise to the occasion.

“Today many put me as an example of someone who dared to take the step – as the Manes campaign slogan says – to help transform Argentina. I also understood that if I did not accept the offer – to head the list at the sectional level – I ran the risk of regretting it, “he acknowledged.

In a talk with the journalist of “The new one.“, Maximiliano Allica, Natali said he felt nervous about what might happen in the PASO this Sunday and clarified that, although his work in parliament may be exhausting, he will have the possibility of being the protagonist of” something unexpected and experiencing very attractive things ” .

“I know of the responsibility that falls on my shoulders. In the UCR they tell me that, thanks to me, they once again have the possibility of having a provincial deputy of Bahia origin, and I know that many would like to be in the place where I am now ”, he assured.

The candidate also regretted that although the lack of renewal in politics is normally criticized, “when new people come in, they end up being censored.”

“They say politics is mud, but I don’t want to get dirty: I can fail or not meet goals, but I’m not going to change my way of being,” he said.

Natali said that, in his work as a legislator, his objective is to “reduce instances between the Sixth Section and La Plata”, so that the mayors raise the problems they have and he can work to give them a solution.

“I want to be a manager of these types of situations, and the same applies to intermediate entities in Bahia: everyone knows me, they know where to find me and I will not fail them. There are many things to do, such as monitoring the water crisis, so that the promised and tendered works are carried out ”, he clarified.

Finally, he acknowledged not being a politician, but “someone who wants to help and do things.”

“What I say is what I feel, because I am convinced that by working in this new field I will achieve results, with passion and with the good teams that I will form with the good people in this space,” he concluded.

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