Livio Gutierrez: "The state parity was outdated"

The UCR block presented this Monday a Draft Resolution, through which it requests the Executive Power to advance the payment of the increments of the general guideline of salaries and retirements for the public sector, scheduled for July (7%) and October (7%) for the current month of May, attentive to the uncontrolled evolution of inflation, and in order not to generate a greater loss of purchasing power than that observed until April.

In this sense, the deputy Livio Gutiérrez stated: “Attentive to the inflation rates that were announced this week, which are very high in the month of April added to March, February and others, The Government has to advance the payment of the parity, which is planned for 7% in July and 7% in October, it has to advance it to the month of May, given that obviously inflation has absolutely run amok, it has not been able to control it and the co-participation income of the province increases according to inflation, but not salaries”.

Likewise, the radical legislator recalled that the ruling national deputy, Máximo Kirchner, asked that the increase in the minimum wage be advanced, and that the Vice President stated that in this government there are employees with work and poor people.

“The Government should listen to its highest leaders and advance the salary guideline by paying in June the 14% increase in assets and liabilities; since they made a guideline of 42% per year and inflation is on its way to 64%, “said Gutiérrez.

This project is added to the request of the UPCP for the Government to advance the quotas of the salary guideline.


In the project we base on Monday that “this week the INDEC will publish the CPI (Consumer Price Index) for the month of April and, even for the most optimistic, it will not be below 6% above the previous month. With this, the accumulated inflation for the first quarter of the year will reach 23%, when the goal on which the national and provincial budgets were approved for 2002 was 35% for the entire year and the official figure reported coincides with the project ” .

“Based on that assumption (unreal, as we insisted when it was debated in the Chamber) a salary guideline was set for the Provincial Public Administration of 42% for the entire year, which, in theory, would exceed the inflation target and return to the pockets of provincial assets and liabilities, some of what was lost in terms of purchasing power in 2021. The increase scheme was 15% in March, 7% in July, 7% in October and a last 7% in December”.

“Inflation has undeniably accelerated, and the goal for all of 2022 will probably be reached already in the first half. Not even the granting of greater increases is intended, as other jurisdictions are granting (for example, most of the municipalities of the Greater Buenos Aires area are subscribing parities of up to 85%), but requesting the provincial Executive Power to react before reality and not continue to deteriorate the purchasing power of the people of Chaco”.

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