Liverpool with Luis Diaz as starter, failed to win against the newly promoted Fulham

The expected began premier leaguethis Saturday, with the commitment between Fulham and Liverpool from the Colombian louis diaz who was part of the starting list proposed by Jurgen Klopp and thus start on the right foot a new feat for the title in the season that begins.

The appointment was at Craven Cottage, home of Fulham, who, from the first minutes, came out impetuous in search of his first goal surprising a Liverpool that held up very well in the back, only until the 22nd minute, The Reds, through Mohamed Salah, approached the goal who hit the ball with his head, slightly deflecting the ball.

During the first 25 minutes, Thiago Alcantara became the flagship of the visiting team’s midfield, as the best scoring opportunities came from his feet.

About the first half hour, Liverpool was the clear dominator of the match, but still managed to disturb Marek Rodák’s goal.

Nuñez scored the first for Liverpool, assisted by Mohamed Salah. Photo: Instagram Liverpool

When Kloppp’s eleventh looked more solid, he appeared at minute 32, surprisingly Mitrovic who put the first for Fulham with a header, after receiving a cross from his winger Kaenny Tete, giving the team led by Marco Alexandre Saraiva da Silva the partial victory.

In a quick response, Liverpool, through its right back Alexander Arnold, enabled Robertson in a great way, who inside the area looked for Luis Diaz who failed to push the ball to the back of the net in the small area, losing a great opportunity for the visit that until now suffered defeat.

The protagonism of the Colombian continued, who two minutes later tried to finish off from mid-range, hitting the ball in the corner, missing a great chance to score his first goal of the season that began today.

The first half ended where the visit had 71.6% ball possession while the local only got 28.4% the local, which evidenced a broad domain of the reds and a great effectiveness of the Fulham team.

Mohamed Salah scored the goal that equalized the series.  Photo: Instagram Liverpool

Mohamed Salah scored the goal that equalized the series. Photo: Instagram Liverpool

The second half started, with an attitude determined to change the course of the game by Liverpool, however, in the 57th minute, midfielder Neeskens Kebano finished off with a right foot, sending the ball to the vertical right of the goal defended by Allistor Becker, wasting an option for home owners.

In the 63rd minute, the tie was produced at the hands of Liverpool, who through a spectacular heel by the Uruguayan Darwin Núñez, after receiving an assist from Salah.

But in the 69th minute, when Liverpool’s comeback was expected, a penalty was presented in favor of Fulham, which was executed by Mitrovic, who made his fans celebrate with the second goal.

Colombian Diaz’s team moved forward decisively to seek a tie, which was reached until the end of the match by Egyptian Mohamed Salah, with the assistance of Núñez. The match culminated in a draw between the English league runners-up and newly promoted Fulham.

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