Lila Downs prepares equestrian show in Nuevo Progreso

The next October 22the singer with Oaxacan roots, Lila Downswill offer a folk and equestrian show in the New Progress Bullring. It is the first time that the interpreter of “The cumbia of the mole“will ride a horse in a live show accompanied by the horses to Domecq High School.

Returning from his tour of Spain will start taking your classes to offer a quality show. However, in an interview for THE REPORTER Lila notes that the public will see from another perspective this show because the project will be done respecting the horses.

“I come from a family of biologists and it is always to look at life with a fascination for our environment. And I think that we are redefining our relationship with other living beings and here is just the turning point, we are going to participate with horses perhaps in a different way. than we’re used to seeing them in. So that’s going to be a challenge and it’sIt will be curious to see how the public will respondLila reiterates that over time the vision of things and situations change and we must understand the relationship that we now have with the species.

In addition, Lila said that her relationship with horses has always been present. She points out that in Oaxaca the representative species is the criollo horse, which lives in the mountains and in field work. He also assures that he has great respect for horsemanship and the charro canvas.popular and representative activities of Jalisco.

Lila will not be on stage for the entire show, it will only be in certain numbers. The initiativepart of this project comes from Casa Domecq and it will be a show where women take the lead Well, Lila will be accompanied by the Mariachi Femenil Nuevo Tecalitlánthe New Jalisco Ballet and a string quartet.


Schedule it!

Lila Downs at the Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso On October 22, 2022 from 8:00 p.m.

Sale of tickets at the box office of the square and here.

  • Experience Zone $3,920.00
  • VIP Barrier $1,792.00
  • General Barrier $1,344.00
  • 1st. VIP Layout $1,232.00
  • 1st. General laying $1,008.00 2nd. General Layout $840.00 Box $896.00
  • Overall $280.00


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