Life imprisonment for the femicide of Gisela Villafañe: the popular jury found him guilty

A popular jury decided that the only suspect for the crime of Gisela Villafañe that occurred on May 8, 2019 in Mendoza is guilty. Humberto Navia came to trial accused of femicide, reason why the judge dictated the maximum sentence to him. The defense had pointed to a revenge crime and insisted on the man’s innocence.

Gisela (25) was murdered and her body was found in a vacant lot in the Sueños Cumplidos neighborhood, located in Guaymallén. Huberto Navia, the victim’s partner’s son, was arrested for the incident and was brought to trial accused of homicide.

Navia was sentenced to the maximum sentence

Witnesses, telephone conversations and threats were key for the Homicide prosecutor, Gustavo Pirrello, to take the case to trial. According to her instructions, the young man would have killed her because he maintained that Gisela was stealing money from her father.

For its part, because of how the body was found – the murderer took away its eyes and mouth – for the defense it was a matter of revenge and pointed to other people as those responsible for the crime. This is because Gisela was going to testify at the trial for the crime of her ex-partner Diego Quispe.

Navia during the debate maintained her innocence and asked that they look for the real culprit.

This Thursday, the popular jury after extensive deliberation, found the man guilty and Judge Diego Lusverti sentenced him to the maximum prison sentence.


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