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He obtained positive results with the former liberal president Cesar Gaviria Trujillo. The former president would announce this morning, through a statement, the party’s support Liberal President-elect Gustavo Petro. This was announced by Yamid Amat last night during the CM& newscast. In the statement, the natural leader of the liberals would also announce the candidacy of Alexander López to preside over Congress.

Currently, the accounts of the Historical Pact to take the majorities are the following: In the Senate, which will be made up of 108 congressmen —if Rodolfo Hernández accepts the seat of the Opposition Statute— Petro currently has 27 senators, according to projections. Among these, the 20 of the Historical Pact, the 5 of the Commons and 2 of the indigenous. There a majority of at least 55 parliamentarians is required.

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Meanwhile, in the Chamber, which will be made up of 188 representatives, Petro would start with some 46 fixed seats, including at least 9 of the victims, 5 of the Commons, 1 of the Citizen Force, 1 of the indigenous people, 1 of Colombia Renaciente and 1 of people on the move.

There they require at least 95 congressmen to reach majorities. That is why, apart from that of the Liberals, the other key bench is that of the list Hope Green Center. This political force has 13 seats in the Senate and 16 in the House.

If César Gaviria’s announcement is made and the ‘greens’ together with the Liberal party declare themselves in government on September 7, the Petro government would reach 54 seats in the Senate and 95 in the Chamber.

In the case of the Senate, seeing that it would not yet have the majorities, it should reinforce with the party of ‘La U’. According to what Roy Barreras told EL TIEMPO, the Historical Pact is already having conversations with the bench of Dilian Francisco Toro.

The ‘greens’ joined the initiative, who have already issued the positive part. “The National Executive Directorate of the Green Alliance Party unanimously established a commission headed by the co-presidents, Antanas Mockus, Antonio Navarro and Carlos Ramón González, to officially participate in the great National Agreement called by Petro”, the community said in a statement.

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On the other hand, several important leaders of Uribismo have said that they will be the opposition. In the Petrismo they consider that this is healthy, but that this force is also vital to achieve joint goals.

Those who, for now, are in the process of defining what they will do against the new government are ‘the U’, conservatives and Radical Change. “There must be a national agreement on the fundamental problems of the country,” says Dilian Francisca Toro, of ‘la U’. However, she warns that we have to wait for the concrete proposal of the new government.

“The Conservative Party participated in a contest in which he lost and should play a completely independent or opposition role”, argues, meanwhile, Ómar Yepes, director of the Conservative Party.


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