Lexus LS 500h: The commitment to be the flagship

Let’s put ourselves for a moment in the shoes of an entrepreneur, someone who already carries on his shoulders the responsibility of managing and executing but above all running a business. Perhaps the last thing you think about (but not the least important) is your transportation, how to move around the city day by day.

But come on, you already have enough to cover your daily schedule to deal with traffic on a journey; That is why there are cars like the one we have just tested, the Lexus LS 500h, a luxury car that per se has all the comforts required by a senior executive, owner of a company or simply someone who is looking for the most pleasant possible way to get from the point A to point B and do it in an extraordinary way.

This comfort is taken to its maximum expression from the rear seats where two people can enjoy the Ottoman seats with five massage programs and 22 positions that can be controlled from the central panel where the temperature, lighting and audio can also be adjusted. . Control is carried by whoever enjoys the journey the most, without a doubt.

This luxury alternative is not made for everyone, since all the amenities it offers have a high cost. THE INFORMER/M. Castle

Getting around the city from the back is another universe, rarely experienced by someone who buys a car putting driving before relaxation, obviously. However, the Lexus LS 500h has the best of both worlds, because that unique feeling to drive sets the bar at the top of its segment by offering the best of hybrid technology and extensive experience in the development of this type of propulsion.

But before we talk about the driving sensations, let’s continue with the interior, because in the details is the difference. Here we find the possibility of choosing finishes (which will cause a variation in price), either having textures of origami and Kiriko glass handmade by Takumis (Japanese craftsmen), wood and metal, as well as the smooth sensation of leather in the seats and linings of the dashboard and doors, for example. All this pays for one excellent soundproofing which makes it one of the best built cabins we have been in.

Then, having one of the most recognized audio systems such as the Mark Levinson Premium Surround System with 23 speakers, puts us back in that world out of orbit for most mortals. The 12.3” touch screen has a good fluidity in its interface, from where we can see GPS navigation and general car settings, as well as compatibility for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But that’s not all, because from a pad on the center console the driver can access the functions on the screen with just a subtle swipe of his finger.

In terms of security, we have elements that today save us from the slightest mishap, starting with 12 airbags that have the ability to detect the position of the passenger and open in stages so as not to hurt him, weighting protection where he needs it. Then there are the cameras for maneuvering in reverse, the pre-collision brake with pedestrian detection thanks to the aura of the Lexus Safety System. In terms of driving assistance, lane maintenance, intelligent high beams and dynamic radar cruise control stand out. Also, the Lexus Safety Connect is activated by a button on the top and serves to alert an emergency and provide medical assistance in the event of an accident, for example. And finally, there is a Lexus app for owners of an LS 500h so that they can monitor their car at all times, having remote control (including turning the engine on or off).

It is what is most enjoyed in the passenger compartment of the car, with the latest in technology, connectivity and driving assistance. THE INFORMER/M. Castle


As I said at the beginning of this note, the Lexus LS 500h is designed for those looking to relax, however, it does not leave out those who like to drive. For this reason it offers a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 engine and two electric motors that help to drive all four wheels, it has a CVT gearbox and a four-speed automatic gearbox that helps in case of greater demand when starting and passing. In total, its fully functioning hybrid system delivers 354 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.

On the other hand, the adaptive pneumatic suspension works so stealthily that we do not realize when it does, only when we get out of the car is it reduced to a minimum, since it also deserves a break after negotiating the difficult roads in our country.

We could spend entire pages talking about how pleasant the LS 500h is, a car that is championed as the flagship of this new brand in Mexico, but it does so with the confidence of a great experience and demand such as being at the top of Premium brands in the United States, so its arrival responds to what for years many begged to have and now it is in your hands to go to the agency to meet and enjoy, because the experience is unique, not only in this car, but in the concept and attention that in this case we had in Lexus Guadalajara.

mario castle

Those who travel in the back can do so at will, moving the passenger seat and unfolding the Ottoman seat from the panel. THE INFORMER/M. Castle

Data sheet


Hybrid; V6; 3.5 liters; Power: 354 HP @ 6,600 rpm. Torque: 350 foot-pounds.




CVT type.


With ventilated discs front and rear, with ABS and EBD.


Independent on both axles, with stabilizer bar front and rear. Self leveling.


With electrical assistance.

Dimensions (mm)

  • Long: 5,234.
  • Wide: 1,900.
  • High: 1,460.5.
  • Distance between axis: 3,124.2


  • Weight: 2,199 kilograms.
  • Tank: 84 litres.
  • Trunk: 430 litres.


2 million 359 thousand 900 pesos (variable price)


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