L’Embrun in Brest: four months after the Michelin star, “we are still simple people, local guys”

Guillaume Pape, chef of L’Embrun in Brest, and part of his team. ©Brest side

In March 2022, the restaurant L’Embrun in Brest won a star in the Michelin guide. Not enough to go to the head of its leader, Guillaume Pape. Four months later, the 30-year-old from Brest still remains so measured. “We stay the same, insists the restaurateur. We haven’t changed anything. We’re still local guys. Simple, open, relaxed people. “And to insist:” I want people to feel good here, at ease “.


Guillaume Pape obviously remains proud to be starred, “it’s recognition of the profession. This distinction values ​​the work of our team, our producers and pleases the people who believe in us. »

The star pushes us to progress. We will continue to move forward.

“We have a great team, young and dynamic,” rejoices the restaurateur. The average age is 24 years old. The workforce is 11 people.

Increased visibility

Guillaume Pape, finalist of the show Top chef in 2019, already had a good reputation. Since its opening in March 2019, the restaurant has been full. The star gives it additional visibility. “This distinction carries us, it brings a different clientele”, welcomes the cook.

Customers come from all over. People cross France to come and eat with us. Thanks to the star, they put Brest on a map.

Customers also includes strangersBelgians, Swiss, Germans… The presence of a starred restaurant in the city of Ponant is an additional tourist asset for the city.

But L’Embrun is also a regular clientele. including many of local. “We are in the city center, in a large agglomeration”, recalls Guillaume Pape.

To get a table, it is better to do it in advance, especially on weekends. “There is room”, assures the chef, however. During the week, especially.

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And the future? “I’m concentrating for the moment on L’Embrun”, affirms Guillaume Pape, while being open to all proposals. “Perhaps there will be projects in Brest, nothing is recorded. »

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