Left groups call for solidarity with 11J protesters in Cuba

Left-wing political groups and activists from around the world joined a statement demanding an Amnesty Law for the political prisoners of 11J and an end to the repression in Cuba.

The text was initially published on the web 11J Solidarity and shared on Left Weba news and politics portal for workers, women and youth in Chile.

They pointed out the existence in Cuba of a deep structural crisis that, together with other factors, led a part of the citizenry to protest in the streets on July 11 and 12, 2021.

“The economic and political crisis that the country is suffering is also expressed in the gradual deterioration of social indicators of health, education, sports and culture. This decline precipitates the mass exodus of young people, with the consequences that this causes in Cuban families and in the economy in general,” the statement said.

Left-wing activists acknowledge that the 11J protests were the largest after 1959. However, they assert that “there was violent behavior and physical confrontation on both sides, both from the police forces and groups in support of the government as well as from some groups of protesters.”

“While the latter have been subjected to criminalization and punitive practices, evidenced in the official discourse and disproportionate sentences, as clear exemplary measures to prevent similar scenarios in the future, sectors sympathetic to the government, law enforcement and officials responsible for the repression and the excesses of violence from the state remain unpunished,” the text denounces.

They also refer to two of the trials that took place in March due to the 11J protests, that of the protesters of the Esquina de Toyo and La Güinera in Havana; and that of San Antonio de los Baños.

“127 people were sentenced, in a massive trial with sentences of up to 30 years, eight of them aged between 16 and 17 years. The second, for the protests in San Antonio de los Baños, against 17 protesters with sentences of up to 10 years “, they denounced in the statement.

Another of the complaints is focused on the repression suffered by human rights activists in Cuba, as well as independent journalists.

“Various sectors and activism of civil society are the object of constant harassment by the authorities. This persecution and surveillance takes the form of police security apparatuses, which are characterized by acting outside constitutional legality and attacking the dignity of people,” they said.

The left-wing groups warn that everything happens in Cuba in “a scenario of absolute impunity” and denounce that in the Caribbean country “there is a lack of legal guarantees for the exercise of free association, among people and citizen groups with concerns about participation in the space public”.

Another element they point out is the use of the state media to “discredit reputations, label all dissent as mercenarism, and delegitimize any person or organization that questions reality.”

The statement calls for international solidarity with the condemned 11J protesters and calls for a Amnesty Law for political prisoners, to open “the doors to a truly democratic and equal socialism”.

The text has been questioned on social networks by different users who consider that it is precisely the fact of following socialist ideas and left-wing thought, which has led the Cuban people to the current situation and to perpetuate a dictatorship in power.

So far, this request for an Amnesty Law has been signed by left-wing activists and thinkers from different countries such as Cuba, the United States, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Thailand, Peru, Pakistan, among others.

At the beginning of April the Cuban Isel Maria Lescay Olivamother of the young musician Abel Lescay sentenced to six years in prison for demonstrating in Havana on 11J, also called for a general amnesty for all political prisoners in Cuba.

Previously, at the end of March, the Council for the Transition to Democracy He proposed a text of an Amnesty Law for the protesters of 11J on the island.

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