Learn about the myths and popular beliefs of Mexican cuisine

Mexico is a country rich in culture and traditions, same as they transcend all aspects of Mexican life.

These myths and beliefs usually have their origin in popular sayings, which without scientific explanation or research beyond collective opinion, have been transmitted from generation to generation until reaching our time.

More and more myths are being disproved; However, they are part of what those who were before us said and in some way, keeping it allows them to be present on a day-to-day basis.

We tell you about some of the most common and popular myths and beliefs.

Cross the stews

There is a popular belief that says that when cooking, you should form a cross with your hands, as a way to cross the pots, pots and utensils that are used for cooking.

This is believed to help the food turn out well and it also drives away bad vibes from the food that will be eaten.

Pinto tamales

Tamales are one of the dishes with the most myths around them, as it is believed that there are different factors that can influence whether they are good or not.

First, the dough must be crossed, pregnant women and sad people should not get involved in the preparation of the tamales as the cooking will be uneven.

It is also believed that if the pot with tamales is opened during cooking, the tamales are “waxed” and that is why they are “pinto”, that is, with cooked parts and raw parts.


If the tamales take longer than normal to cook, they are said to be “made to order” and to solve this, it is recommended to kick the steamer to speed them up.

In some regions, it is customary to tie a strip of totomoxtle (corn husk) on the handles of the pot, forming a cross so that the tamales cook properly.

Season the mole

The mole is present in parties and celebrations of Mexican homes, there are thousands of recipes and it is common for each family to have its own variation.

When the mole is cooked or seasoned, there are two great beliefs that depend on whether the result is good.


The first is that only one person should mix the mole paste until it is ready to add the other ingredients, otherwise, “The seasoning” of each person is impregnated and the mole does not taste good.

The second belief is that the mole should only be removed in a clockwise direction to prevent it from being cut.

Mood sauces

Chili in any of its presentations is part of Mexican gastronomy, so it was to be expected that there was some myth about it.

One of the best known is that if a sauce or dish is very spicy, it is because the person who made it was angry when cooking, since it is believed that humor is transmitted to food.

Ready for the altar

Mexican families are characterized by finding reasons to marry people, who has not been the victim of the famous comment: “Now your rice is coming out, you can get married now.”

But the belief that al being able to make a rice that does not stick or stir, is a sign of being ready for marriage It does not end there, as it applies to all kinds of stews or when making a tortilla by hand to inflate on the comal.

There is also the myth that when preparing chocolate, those people who manage to get a good foam with the help of the grinder, are ready to walk down the aisle.



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