Lawyer of the young Argentine asks that the Colombian player have preventive prison

Colombian soccer player Sebastian Villa, is once again the protagonist off the pitch, with a new scandal of violence. In the last hours, it was known that the forward of Boca Juniors He was denounced by an Argentine woman, who accused him of sexual abuse, attempted murder and violence.

Precisely, the alleged victim’s lawyer, whose name is still not officially known, gave details of the legal complaint against the ex Sports Tolima.

“We filed a complaint that we consider to be a sexual abuse with carnal access aggravated by the injuries that were caused to perpetrate the abuse and contested with an illegitimate deprivation of liberty. Then the prosecution specialized will have to interpret because we saw in the story that there was a subjugation and a suffocation of the victim itself is the behavior that occurs to abuse her, then they will have to determine if it is an attempted homicide or how they qualify it to treat in some way of give course to this presentation that cost us a lot”, indicated the Argentine lawyer.

Robert Castillo, who represents the affected by Sebastian Villa, indicated for microphones C5N that the player of Boca Juniors must go to prison.

Lawyer gave details of the complaint against the Colombian player. Photo: Twitter C5N

“I understand that he had a previous complaint. Being a person who has a very large economic availability, he runs the risk that he could become a fugitive. With which a preventive prison It would not be something risky on the part of the prosecution to protect that it remains subject to the process and to guarantee the victim that she has reparation and justice after she can prove all the extremes that she was invoking in her complaint”, indicated the lawyer of the young Argentine.

The lawyer also said that from the environment of town there was an offer of money to keep the alleged victim silent: “I cannot affirm that there was a bribe, from the account of the events it appears that there was an offer of money. Seriously, I am going to bring that closer to the prosecution and that they interpret the facts and can in some way frame atypical behavior”.

By last, Robert Castillo explained a little who is the young woman who was allegedly abused by Sebastian Villa, but he reiterated that his name will remain anonymous for security.

Roberto Castillo on the case against Sebastián Villa. Photo: Twitter C5N

“She is a person who is absolutely broken. She is a girl from whom it was very difficult for us to get information that we needed to denounce. She is shaken by denouncing a public figure who represents the interests of many people. The evidence, in my opinion, is overwhelming, that is why we We encouraged her to denounce and logically put her under shelter because she is deeply afraid and in her own account of the events she says that she was contacted by an environment,” he concluded. Robert Castillo.

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