Lavalle agreed with the University of Avellaneda that 10 careers can be taken in the department

Referents from the local educational area and from the University expressed that Those interested in accessing the educational offer, may register until December 2 of this year virtually on the page

The mayor Roberto Righi made this announcement during the Lavalle Anniversary celebrations where he stated “the importance of expanding the higher level educational offer in our territory and that the department can be recognized as an educational center in the region.”

He also stressed “the importance of exams can be taken in person at the CEIL, providing the space for students from Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis and La Rioja, which “also contributes to educational tourism that adds to the initiatives of already existing international congresses and competitions”.

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What careers can be studied in Lavalle

For undergraduate and graduate training, it is required have finished high school or be over 25 years old and take an integrated exam. While for postgraduate specializations, each one has different requirements of according to the chosen orientation.

Pre – Degree Training:

  • Policy, Management and Communication Technician
  • Technician in Conducting Children’s and Youth Orchestras and Choirs
  • University Technician in Industrial Maintenance of the Automotive Sector
  • University Technician in Safety and Hygiene of the Mechanical – Automotive Industry
  • Technician in Socio-Community Intervention

Degree courses:

  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Cycle of curricular complementation in Museology and cultural repositories

Postgraduate training:

  • Master in Territorial and Urban Development
  • Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport
  • Specialization in Active and Healthy Aging of Older Adults

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Lavalle agreed with the University of Avellaneda that 10 careers can be taken in the department.

Distance proposal from the National University of Avellaneda

The National University of Avellaneda, in 2019, validated its Institutional Distance Education System – SED. The students who opt for this teaching modality take all the subjects of their degree through the learning environment called UNDAV Virtual Campus. All the contents produced especially for each proposal are available there, with communication tools, digitized bibliography, multimedia resources and collaborative work spaces.

To carry out this experience, the students interact with the teacher of the subject and also, They are accompanied by a tutor throughout their course. It is worth mentioning that the evaluation system for distance learning undergraduate and graduate degrees is virtual and asynchronous for partial evaluation works that allow the regularity of the subjects and for the final instance of accreditation it is face-to-facecan assume the modality of written and/or oral exams.

Administrative fee to study

Distance modality races include an administrative fee which is adjusted quarterly (Res. 659/2019). The payment of said fee includes the entire four-month period and can be made through the Mercado Pago platform in up to 3 installments. Although the administrative fee is mandatory, Students can request access to a scholarship of 50% or 100% of the administrative fee. They are quarterly and their renewal is not automatic. Access to information on the administrative fee, the payment system and the scholarship application form is available on the home page of the virtual campus.

For more information regarding documentation and curricular detail of each career, you can enter the official page of the National University of Avellaneda and according to the different academic dimensions, those interested can contact: Student service: Administrative academic procedures: [email protected]

Rate inquiries: [email protected]

Campus technical support: [email protected]

To receive guidance, you can go to the CEIL facilities, located in Fleming and Moreno de Lavalle or call 261 4614742.

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