Laschet does not want to join the new government coalition as a junior partner

Unions Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) is still counting on a turnaround a good two weeks before the general election, despite the weak poll figures. “I don’t want to join another coalition as a junior partner,” said Laschet on the ZDF program “Klartext” on Thursday evening. “We notice that it will be running out.” But he wanted to “fight to ensure that we have the majority and then also provide the Federal Chancellor.” The voters would decide – “and I simply recommend that we wait these 17 days now. To let the voters, and not representative selected people, decide. And then we can see what it looks like on election evening. ”In the nationwide surveys, the Union is currently clearly behind the SPD. In terms of personal approval ratings, Laschet scores far worse than SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz and mostly also ends up behind Green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

Laschet also explicitly apologized for his massively criticized laugh on the sidelines of a joint appearance with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the flood disaster. Steinmeier stood relatively far away at the time, “I didn’t hear what he was talking about,” said the CDU leader, when asked by a citizen affected by the flood, describing the situation at the time. “Someone next to me made a stupid remark. And I laughed about it. That annoys me. That was stupid, but I can’t undo it. “Laschet admitted:” Stupid. Picture looks stupid. But it was a mistake, that’s for sure. ”Laschet said he canceled all appointments after the flood disaster, went to the flood area and heard many stories. “And you can believe me that this affects me,” he protested.

Laschet also praised the climate deviation “Fridays for Future”, but defended adherence to the agreed date for the coal phase-out. “The year is 2038,” he said. “If we can get it done faster, if structural change goes faster, if new jobs are there, preferably sooner.” However, politics could “not change the numbers every year”. Laschet showed a clear edge in matters of AfD. “We will not talk to the AfD, not cooperate, not form a coalition, nothing at all,” he said when asked whether he could rule out the fact that the AfD would not co-govern after all. “I’m doing everything to make them disappear from parliaments. A right-wing extremist party that incites against other people has no business in German parliaments. ”When it came to the question of the minimum wage, Laschet refused to allow politics to interfere. That is a matter for the unions, he said. With a view to the Corona crisis, he again spoke out against compulsory vaccination because “constitutionally, it is simply not possible”. He is “at the moment still on persuasion”.

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