Lali surprises with her new hit "N5"

2022 is the year of LALI! While giving the Disciplina Tour a great start, with three sold out performances in Buenos Aires, LALI reaffirms its place at the top of Argentine Pop with the release of N5a song inspired by the Madrid night where it mixes dyes house with flamenco guitars.

N5 It is just a sample of the music that LALI, together with his collaborators Mauro De Tommaso in production and Martín D’agosto in composition, has prepared for his next album. Explosive songs, sound experimentation and the best that LALI knows how to give us: lots of pop!

One day after stepping on the emblematic stage of the “Palacio de los Deportes”, the Argentine diva surprises with an ideal song for the dancefloor, with a lot of sensuality, dance and diversity. After the success of the trilogy with which he began 2022 (Discipline, Diva and Like You), LALIalways innovative doubles its commitment to Pop with an intense sound from start to finish.

The video clip, directed by Lautaro Furiolo, shows us LALI showing off as an actress in a narrative full of glamour, seduction and an Iberian imprint. Her colleagues Leonardo Sbaraglia and Verónica Llinas participate in the audiovisual piece, and it had an intriguing teaser that made her fans delirious.

A reference for women and diversity at the regional level, LALI continues to raise her voice and dares to do more in this second half of the year, which will find her again on stage.

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