Laguneras cry with emotion at Humbe’s concert

The euphoria broke out yesterday in the Comarca Lagunera and all thanks to a young artist who, thanks to TikTok, is giving people something to talk about. His name is Humbe.

For the first time, the man from Monterrey appeared in the region and did so at the Poliforum of the Torreón Fair, which registered a large number of attendees, especially young girls.

Some girls who had the opportunity to meet him thanks to a coexistence, wept with emotion when they saw him and others did the same during the concert in which the artist sang songs like I confess, You made me fly, The poet and I met you in Japan.

The fans arrived at the Poliforum from 6:30 p.m. They longed to enter, settle into their places and see their idol.

“I love Humbe, he’s everything to me, you don’t know how excited I am to see him,” said the young Karina López, before entering.

Half an hour later, the doors of the Poliforum opened to welcome the lagoons.

The organizers gave them bracelets, which were activated throughout the concert projecting colored lights, reinforcing the striking production that the singer brought.


At 8:50 p.m. Humbe stormed the stage. The girls shouted euphorically and did not stop doing so in an evening in which the Latin Grammy nominee thanked La Laguna for his support and also dedicated the melody Love at first to her mother, who was also on the premises. .


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